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"Purpose Through Perspective"

Looking for a good book? Written by local North Carolina author Sarah Seiz. Great for a small group study or personal growth!


Discover how suffering is one of God’s greatest gifts. Through all of life’s situations (including unpleasant ones) God is present and waiting for us to come to Him for help--to see life from His perspective and discover our primary purpose. This ground-breaking spiritual journey reveals tremendous value in life's hardships and illuminates the pathway toward fulfilling God's will. God calls upon Christians to actively offer a helping hand to brothers and sisters in need. This revolutionary resource enables a spiritual benefactor to connect with a beneficiary through a tear-out collection of encouraging letters. This unique feature transforms what would have been a one-time presentation of an inspirational book into an interactive and supportive union over a period of 30 "Days." Both the giver and the receiver will become equipped with Scripture and encouraging words, along with a healthy dose of the fruit of the Spirit. 

"Purpose Through Perspective"

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